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The end of the book contains a series of appendices, a glossary, end notes, and an index. For the web version of the book, the notes are contained within each chapter. The search bar may be more useful than the book’s index.

Appendix A, Conscientious History: A Guide, provides a concise summary of principles recommended for historians. This arose from the the 2000 ruling in Irving v. Penguin Books and Lipstadt. Most “Mormon History” was written before 2000. Even some modern work in Mormon history may fail to reflect the basic principles associated with evaluating evidence and avoiding fraud.

Appendix B, Small Arms Ballistics, includes key targets from the 1860 Trial of Small Arms conducted by the U.S. War Department. These demonstrate the significant improvement to accuracy obtained when a rifleman uses a rest.

Appendix C, Alleged Children of Joseph Smith, is a table that gives a concise summary of all children Joseph Smith is alleged to have engendered with plural wives. While it will never be possible to conclusively assert that no children were engendered with Joseph Smith with his plural wives, this table demonstrates the speculative nature of most claims, and indicates which claims have been submitted to DNA analysis. All claims submitted to DNA analysis have found the child’s father could not have been Joseph Smith.

Appendix D, Timeline, provides a concise chronological listing of key events associated with the history discussed in Reluctant Polygamist.

Appendix E, The Peace of thy Children, is a simplified version of the history described in Reluctant Polygamist, created at the request of those with young children.

A Glossary is provided for some terms that may not be familiar to general readers.

The Index for the Sixth Edition is provided to inform use of the search function. However there are times when an individual mentioned in the text may not be identified by the full name listed in the index.

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