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The sixth edition of Reluctant Polygamist, published March 17, 2017, updated the text to include a fuller discussion of the heresy of illicit intercourse heresy, including clues regarding high profile individuals who apparently repented of their error. The sixth edition is the last that will be published. However a living version of the book will be maintained on this website to incorporate additional evidences as they arise, with footnotes readily available. Minor edits are indicated by italic font. Added content is identified by green font.

The fifth edition (June 27, 2016, only available as PDF) updated the text to include the confirmation that the descendants of Josephine Lyon are in no way related to Joseph Smith, thus eliminating the only hoped for “objective evidence” that Joseph Smith had engendered a child with a plural wife.

The fourth edition highlighted the likelihood that Esther Dutcher [Smith] was the same Esther Smith who was propositioned by Gustavus Hills, important as this is the first unambiguous link between the illicit intercourse heresy and the women who covenanted with Joseph. The fourth edition also explored which of Joseph’s known wives could have given birth to the child George A. Smith was told Emma and Joseph had helped deliver.

The third edition primarily added an Appendix that listed the circumstances of all children born to women other than Emma Hale that have been attributed to Joseph Smith.

The second edition primarily corrected errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

The first edition of Reluctant Polygamist was published on April 6, 2016.

In 2015 Meg refined her research initially published as the Faithful Joseph series and issued an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for public comment. This version had line numbers in the margins to allow advance readers to provide specific feedback.