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Hyrum Smith requested Joseph write down the revelation regarding Celestial marriage. However opposition to the revelation led to Joseph’s death.

Chapter 20, Revealing the Revelation, discusses the writing of the revelation now known as D&C 132 and how it was shared.

Chapter 21, Those Virtuous and Pure, discusses a key feature of D&C 132, where Emma was commanded to give Joseph plural wives. This chapter examines the circumstances related to Emma’s “rejection” of several women and the legacy of Joseph’s plural wives.

Chapter 22, Daughter of Promise, looks at Jane Manning, a Black woman Emma invited to be sealed to Joseph and Emma as a daughter. Clearly Black individuals were originally considered worthy of inclusion in the highest Mormon ordinances. But Jane refused Emma’s offer.

Chapter 23, The Prodigal Returns, covers the little-known return of John Bennett to Nauvoo in December 1843. It appears Bennett may have been willing to repent and recant the lies he had told. Bennett may have also told Joseph of a Judas whose treachery had remained undetected.

Chapter 24, Conferring the Mantle, looks at the rebellion of William Law. In the face of the lethal opposition Law raised against Joseph, Joseph conferred authority to lead the Church on the apostles.

Chapter 25, Carthage, 1844, describes the deadly dance between Joseph and the conspirators, which would ultimately lead to Joseph’s death.

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