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The front matter of Reluctant Polygamist contains the following:

About the Covers provides the images of the covers of the print version of the book, along with information about the source and background for the images used.

Advance Praise gives you comments from those who read Reluctant Polygamist and Faithful Joseph prior to the April 2016 publication date.

Contents gives you quick links to the content of the book.

Acknowledgements recognizes individuals on whose previous research Reluctant Polygamist builds.

Conventions and Terminology discusses shortcuts for signaling provenance of stories, how women’s names are conveyed, and the difference between Celestial marriage terms and terms used to denote sinful sexuality.

Preface introduces the history behind Reluctant Polygamist and how Meg Stout came to her groundbreaking views regarding Joseph Smith’s actions regarding Celestial and plural marriage.

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