Reluctant Polygamist was originally published April 6, 2016 and updated until the sixth edition, which was published on March 17, 2017. This living version online will continue to incorporate significant new information pertaining to the subject of this book. New information is in blue font. Minor errors found in the sixth edition are corrected, with the corrected word changed to italics.

The pages containing this content are divided into the following sections:

Front Matter: Covers, reviews, acknowledgements, conventions, terminology & preface.

Birth of the Doctrine, 1820-1840: Evolution of Joseph’s theological worldview resulting in the attempt to practice plural marriage.

The Illicit Intercourse Heresy, 1841-1842: Information regarding the “free love” or illicit intercourse heresy that erupted in Nauvoo in 1841 and was quashed in 1842.

Aftermath of Heresy, 1842-1843: Description of events in the year following Dr. Bennett’s eviction from Nauvoo.

Revealing the Doctrine, 1843-1844: The manner in which the doctrine of Celestial marriage (including plural marriage) was revealed to various parties between May 1843 through the death of Joseph Smith in June 1844.

The Rise and Fall of “Mormon Polygamy,” 1844-present: Discussion of how polygamy became so firmly entrenched in Mormon culture, and how it was subsequently halted.

End Matter: Appendices, glossary, and index.