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With Bennett evicted from Nauvoo, Joseph and his followers were forced to deal with Bennett’s attacks while ministering to those who had been damaged by the heresy.

Chapter 14, Plural Wives of 1842, examines the women who are suspected to have become plural wives in 1842. Without exception, they are women who were either vulnerable to the seducers or were from families that are known to have ties to the seducers.

Chapter 15, Sangamo and Pratt, describes the terrible damage done by Dr. Bennett’s attacks, particularly to the family of Orson Pratt.

Chapter 16, The Apostles and Their Wives, looks at the interactions between Joseph and the wives of his apostles. Some of these interactions may have been reaction to the apostles treatment of Orson Pratt for refusing to condemn his wife.

Chapter 17, Eliza Roxcy Snow [Smith], looks at the 1842 plural wife who would go on to become arguably the most prominent women of Mormonism. It appears Eliza Snow may have been one of those seduced during the illicit intercourse heresy.

Chapter 18, Healing Wounded Hearts, looks at how Joseph and his righteous followers reached out to loved ones to teach them about Celestial marriage when it appears the rumors of illicit intercourse had caused distrust.

Chapter 19, Emma’s Ultimatum, explores Emma’s fear as the doctrine of Celestial marriage and plural marriage became more well-known. Emma and Joseph left Nauvoo but were forced back.

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